Kennel Bumir
wchen, The Little Lion Dog
Sonja & Anders Björklund, Sweden

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My name is Sonja and my husbands name is Anders. I, Sonja, started breeding in the 80s. Then it was american cockerspaniel I had. In late 80s they found PRA in an 8 year old dog. The dog were often 2 - 4 times in some pedigrees and of course in the pedigrees that I worked with. So you can say I learned the hard way to be careful about inbreeding to much. This amongst other reasons made me decide to change breed.

I looked for over 3 years, reading about every breed there were when I by destiny met a lowchen. Between this I had Kerry Blue Terrier and Borzoi. But with lowchen it was immidiately love! Everything on my "wanted" list matched the breed. This was 1989 and I stayed true to the breed since then. I am always looking for more knowledge. You can never know enough or everything! I try to keep my mind open. I did it from the beginning in my breeding and I will always keep on doing it. You never know who will give you a new perspective on things...

When I started with the breed I lived up in north in sweden. I lived there for 35 years. When my two daughters were 10 and 14 years old we moved down to the westcoast. One reason was to get nearer to all the shows!

What I didnt know was that I would meet my new husband down here. We meet through agility. We were both competing and judging in the sport. As you say, it just said click. Anders had corgi and english springerspaniel before but also he fell in love with lowchen. Actually he did see the breed some years earlier at Crufts and thought about getting one!

We got married in september 2001 and since then he has been involved as much as I in the kennel.

2006 I got my authoration as a cc-judge. I judge lowchen, maltese, bichon havanese, papillon, phalene, chihuahua and shetland sheepdog so far. Even if it is hard work I love the opportunity to see and touch so many dogs. It is a big responsibility that I am very honoured that I have. (some pictures)

Many of our lowchens have been succesful in shows. We have had top winning lowchen in sweden for many years. With the help of people that showed dogs they bought from us, our kennel have several winningtitles as swedish winner, finnish winner, nordic winner, norwegian winner, world winner, bundessieger etc. Bumir dogs have championtitles all over the world. We are very proud of them all and so grateful for all the people that believe in our breeding and show/use our dogs.

We are also very humble for the breeders that let us have dogs from them to use in our breeding. Amongst others Hanovarian, Beaulion, Duncara, Pridesden, Trusty Friends, Wanted, Chic Choix, Juron, Alocosia, Simbaline, DeSusa. Thank you all!

Finally I, Sonja, want to send my grateful thoughts to my two kids that grow up travelling around with me to shows. They helped me handle and brush and I am so grateful for having them in my life. Even if they are grown up now, moved out in the world and cant help their mother I bring them with me in my heart where ever I go.

To all of you that love our breed - good luck in breeding and showing. And dont forget to make the healthtests!

                                                    Sonja & Anders Björklund