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Sonja & Anders Björklund

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We will never
forget you
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SwedCh NorwCh DanCh NordCh
NordW-00 IntCh Bumir Force D'Attraction

Duncara Paradise Perfection

Bumir Follow Me

SwedCh NorwCh FinCh DanCh NordCh IntCh WW-96 FinW-96 SwedW-96 BundesSieger-98 NorwW-00 SwedW-01 VetWW-08 Bumir Boule De Neige

Bumir Nimbe

Bumir Kerfany

Bumir Hourra Hourra

SweCh NorCh FinCh NordCh Juron Hyacinth

IntCh NordCh NV-92
NV-94 NordV-98 NV-02 DKCh SCh NCh BISS Mias Pretty Primrose Bumir

IntCh NordCh SweCh NorCh FinCh  Hanovarian Sinner

Chic Choix Denise Larousse

NorCh SweCh
Mias Mega-Bar

Simbaline Rebecca Rose Of Bumir

SweCh NorCh Bumir Chouchou

SCh Bumir A Tout Allure

IntCh NordCh SV-04
Bumir Bien Du Plaisir


In Memory

Bumir Born To Be Alive

Born 11th of november 2005
Died 17th of march 2007

                  This little boy was born 10 days too early together with two sisters. He was the only one that had developed so much so he survived but his mother got in chock and didnt produce any milk or had any need to take care of him. His birth weight was 70gram and we feed him every hour for 2 months. He really wanted to live so we couldnt resist helping him even if we knew the risk of him getting some illness of the early birth. We became his parents, I spent almost all hours around the clock with him for the first 2 months. He had no one except us to nurse him and play with him, so even in the middle of the night when he wanted to play I took him up in my bed and played with him until he got tired again. He grow up to be a confident beautiful little boy. Our bound were special






due to his first months. I can still remember his dark eyes looking at me. When about 8 months old he started to have problems with his kidneys. The vet said what we feared, that his early birth had caused the problem. Only 16 months old we had to take the hard decision to let him go to sleep. It was one of the worst days in my life.

Rest in peace my beloved Splendid! 

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