Kennel Bumir
wchen, The Little Lion Dog
Sonja & Anders Bj÷rklund, Sweden

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Below you can see our homebreed champions. Not all is the best photos but hope you enjoy it !
(Beneath Ch dogs you can see dogs with one or more CC but no title yet)


 (no photo)SEUCH Bumir Quite A Lady

SweCh Bumir Lot Faith

NCh Bumir Freedom And Peace

IntCh NordCh NCh SCh DKCh NV-04 
Bumir Kyrielle

SCh Bumir A Magic Moment
SCh NCh Bumir Ici

Sch NCh Bumir Dame Oui 

SCh Bumir A Tout Allure

SCh Bumir Bouton D'Or
SCh Bumir Deesse Delure

SweCh SW-10 Bumir Lot A Fun

SCh Bumir Give Me Gold

SCh Bumir Destiny

SCh DKCh Bumir Xtra A La Skorres

AustrCh Bumir J'Adore

AmCh Bumir Yeah A Party

NordCh IntCh SCh NCh FinCh SV-04 Bumir Bien Du Plaisir

SCh NCh Bumir ChouChou

AmCh Bumir Juliette

Sch Bumir Don D'Etoil

SEUCH Bumir Karma Forever

FinCh SCh Bumir Kind Of Special

NordCh IntCh SCh NCh DKCh
NordV-00 NV-00 SV-01 SV-02 SV-03 NordV-03 Bumir Enchanter Tous
NordCh IntCh SCh FinCh NCh DKCh WW-06 SV-96 BS-98 FinV-96
 NW-00 SW-01 VWW-08 
Bumir Boule De Neige 

NordCh IntCh NCh SCh FinCh Bumir Comme C'est Beau

Sch NCh Bumir Khola Khoala

AmCh Bumir Magique

SCh LPI LPII Bumir Inestimable


And theese have one or more CC:s ....

Bumir Rebecka Rose

Bumir Never Say Never

Bumir Rising Star

Bumir Follow Me

Bumir Oiseau Chanteur

Bumir Honette 

Bumir Lot A Memory (no photo)

Bumir Proudly Present

Bumir Oh Sweet Honey

Bumir New Generation

Bumir Kiss Me Quick

Bumir Pepite

Bumir Remember Me

Bumir Noble Art

Bumir Isnt She Lovely

Bumir Vanille

Bumir Hardi Drakkar (Austr)