Kennel Bumir
Löwchen, The Little Lion Dog
Sonja & Anders Björklund, Sweden

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Görlev Denmark
11th of oct 2008 national
Best Of Breed 2, Bb2 CC and
Danish Champion
Nordic Champion

Kongsvinger, Norway
4th of oct 2008 internat.
Best bitch 3, CC and
Norwegian Champion

Sofiero SKK
13th of sept 2008 internat.
Best bitch 3

Öland SKK
7th of sept 2008 national
Best Of Breed

Norrköping SKK
17th august 2008 national
Best bitch 3, CC and
Swedish Champion

Swedish Club Show
3rd of july 2008
Best Head & Expression
3rd place intermediate

Borås SDHK
28th of June national
Best In Show 4 Intermediate

Vänersborg SKK
june 2008 international
Best Of Breed CC Cacib

Hässleholm SKK
17th of may 2008 national
Best Of Breed, CC

Skara, SKK
11th of may 2008 national
Best Bitch 2

Högbo Sandviken, SDHK
2nd of september 2007
Best Bitch 3

Östersund SKK, International
4th of august 2007
Best Bitch 2, CC

Swedish Clubshow
July 2007
Best Bitch R
Best Bitch-junior

Norwegian Clubshow
July 2007
Best Bitch BIS-3
Best Bitch-Junior

SDHK, Hässleholm
May 2007
Best Of Breed, CC
Best In Show Junior

SDHK, Vårgårda
May 2007
Best Of Breed, CC


SCh NCh DKCh NordCh
Bumir Favourite Girl

Born: 14 July 2006

Eyes and patella clear

Owner: Anders Björklund

"Lita" is Anders dog. She had a really nice showcareer so far with, amongst all, best bitch at special... We just love her head, pigmentation and square type. This is what we are looking for ! Lita hade her first litter, 3 puppies all solid black, in june 2009. We wish the owners good luck in future with the babies!


Bumir Favourite Girl

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Lita on the move when getting the last ticket
for the title. It was raining but she didnt care. This was her first show after 2 years old! (Time when you can get Ch)

 Lita 5 weeks old

Lita BOS and her father BIS at norwegian Club Show 2007. Judge Kirsi Hynynen.

Lita Best In Show Junior at Hässleholm in may 2007 


  Litas brother, Bumir Follow Me, at 3 months of age.

Litas sister NCh Bumir Freedom And Peace.  
Living at Alocosias kennel in Norway.